About Us

Hey! So first off, thanks for stopping by. So what is Taco Gang Apparel you ask? Well that's a great question. My name is Mark and I created this brand to celebrate my love for Tacos!
I am a professional Chef and I've worked in dozens of kitchens through the years. And one thing rings true in every one of those kitchens...The Latin culture is the heart of the kitchen. And the almighty Taco has always been the shining star! And that's where my love for Tacos was born! 
I wanted to create an apparel line that was different from the rest of the corny taco shirts you may see around. Something people would wear with pride. Something that would celebrate the Taco! And not just on Tuesdays, but everyday!
If you ever have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message through our contact page. I'm always excited to meet and chat with other taco lovers. Keep an eye out for upcoming designs! And Welcome to the Taco Gang!